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The Ruff Report: Dogs and Adoption

An urgent plea for help from orphaned pets
More than 3,000 animal shelters in 17 countries are expected to participate in the 12th annual Iams Home 4 the Holidays adoption drive, which begins October 1 and will run until January, 2011. More

Homeless pets are in dire need of help
An animal welfare organization is urging those who have already adopted or who are unable to adopt to consider becoming a foster pet parent, volunteering at shelters and donating food or money to humane societies. More

Influx of homeless pets overwhelms shelters
Animal welfare organizations across the United States report that their shelters are filled to capacity and foster care volunteers who provide temporary shelter for pets have become an essential part of their work to provide care for the newly homeless animals. More

These hungry pets are begging for your help

 Feeding Pets of the Homeless is trying to collect 60,000 pounds of pet food to distribute to the approximately 30,000 pets that are forced to sleep on the streets each night with their less fortunate owners. The effort also helps prevent these pets from ending up in shelters already crowded with millions of pets waiting for adoption. More

Help homeless pets by taking your dog to work
Take Your Dog to Work Day gives dog parents across the United States the chance to show off the benefits of having a companion in hopes of convincing co-workers to adopt a shelter dog. More

Warning issued about pet adoption scam
Scam artists are bilking hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting buyers who are being asked for money upfront and then the animal is never delivered. Learn how to avoid being ripped off.

Dogs and cats are going to manners school
In an effort to combat pet homelessness, a Florida humane society has implemented a program to teach dogs and cats proper household etiquette and good behavior to make them more adoptable.

Advice for those adopting purebred dogs
Reports about irresponsible breeding practices causing inherited health problems in purebred dogs have given some people second thoughts about adopting one, but a leading animal welfare organization is offering some guidance. More

Recycling effort raises money for homeless pets
A Tennessee humane society's program to turn metal into cash is catching on - and starting to pay off, too. More

Economic crisis could leave 1 million pets homeless
The expected surge in homelessness because of the economic recession is likely to create a huge burden on already strained humane societies and rescue shelters. More


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