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The Ruff Report: The secret to getting your dog to behave

Dogs take their cues from their masters, so pet parents who want their companions to be well-behaved, good mannered and safe need to set a good example, a leading animal behaviorist says.

A pet parent must display leadership and take responsibility to help a dog lead a happy, safe and productive life, according to Liam Crowe, chief executive office and dog behavioral therapist at Bark Busters USA, the world’s largest dog training company.

"A dog needs order and leadership from its pack leader, which means that good canine manners start with its owner," Mr. Crowe states in a media release. "Making the decision to become a dog owner comes with responsibility."

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Bark Busters, which is based in Englewood, Colorado, offers these tips for dog owners:
  • Get training to help you understand your dog. Knowing your dog’s unique temperament and tendencies will help you to better control how he behaves. A well-behaved dog will enjoy a better relationship with everyone he meets, and his good manners will reflect positively on you.
  • Make time for your dog every day to pet, play with, take on walks or do other activities.
  • Provide regular exercise appropriate for your dog’s breed, age, size, and other unique characteristics. Exercise is essential to a dog’s physical and behavioral health.
  • Get your dog spayed or neutered. Spayed/neutered pets live longer and healthier lives, but they also make better companions.
  • Schedule regular checkups with a veterinarian and follow recommendations for vaccinations, diet, spaying/neutering and other care.
  • Provide proper identification. A dog should always wear an ID tag with your name, address and phone number. A microchip adds protection and increases the chance a lost dog will be returned.
  • Travel safely. Keep your dog safe in the car by using a crate or by attaching the dog to a seat belt with a harness. Never let your dog ride free in the back of a pickup (he could be thrown into traffic) or allow him to hang his truck head out of the car window (a danger to his eyes).
  • Watch for temperature extremes. Never leave your dog in the car, which is like an oven under the blazing sun and a freezer in the bitter cold.

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